The world’s largest and most important trade fair for food and beverages took place last week, between the 7th – 11th of October, in Köln, DE. Romania’s stand, supported by the Ministry for Trade, Industry and the Business Environment, was represented by many companies from this field, including Karpaten Meat Siebenbuergen.


Our stand included a discussion area and a media presentation of our company and of Angus beef quality but the highlight was the dry-ager refrigerator in which were displayed maturated beef carcasses. We were surprised by the high interest that people showed in our products and in beef dry-aging process.

Working alongside Moldovan butchery, our partner from Cluj, we offered our visitors a tasting at the stand, so they could appreciate the premium quality of Angus beef, on the spot.


A main part of the event, with a very positive feedback, was the culinary show that was organized on the 10th of October, by KMS and Moldovan butchery. Almost 200 people took part in an Angus beef tasting that was moderated by Iulian Stancu, our sale manager. During the event, he offered information about preparing and cooking the beef but he also explained the importance of  premium Angus beef that is obtained from cattle with top genetics and bred in a natural way.

During the five days, we were engaged in more than 150 discussions with companies from all over the world. Most of them were surprised to find out that this beef comes from Romania and were very impressed by our entire process of beef production that is fully controlled through certification systems. Angus beef cattle, Romanian natural grasslands and Swiss expertise are the first-rate trademarks of Karpaten Meat Group Romania, that brought our products in a privileged position comparing to other beef producers/traders. Although we enjoyed the high interest shown by visitors, our focus remains at the moment only on export to Europe and in developing the Romanian market.


The participation to fairs and similar events designed to connect the producers/traders with potential clients, has a great benefit on the companies focusing on export. We greatly enjoyed this year’s edition and the welcoming that Angus beef and KMS got in Anuga2017.