The partnership programs developed by Karpaten Meat farm cover a wider range of services and benefits for Angus farmers. From the desire to respond to their real and ever-diverse needs, we have leaded the ABERDEEN ANGUS LEASING PROGRAM.


Purpose of the program:

  • The possibility of selecting a quality relative bull to the required genetics in your farm
  • The leasing program offers the opportunity to use multiple genetic lines and improve the different characters of the breed: calving ease, high average, daily increase and carcass quality
  • Using superior genetics to control the estimated improvement
  • Reduce the risk of inbreeding
  • Through the leasing program, the farmer has the chance to improve his genetics according to the development he wants


Advantages of the program / Program advantages:

  • The manufacturer can start the program with a small amount of money
  • Rates can be paid by supplying products
  • Bulls in the leasing program are descendants of champion bulls
  • Abatement of bull transport responsibilities
  • Applying an easy, natural management on your farm that is recommended to the Angus herds


How the program works:

  • The genetic line of the bull origin is identified according to the desire to grow the farm
  • Select a bull from the established genetic line
  • The necessary documentation is drawn up and the advance bill is paid
  • Transport is organized
  • The selected bull is purchased by the farmer for a predefined 2-year period
  • Wellbeing of the bull is the responsibility of the owner and the partner for the leasing period
  • One year after the delivery of the bull, the first installment will be paid
  • At the end of the second year, the following rate will be paid
  • The partner has the option of returning the bull to the residual value


Financial data:

  • Advance: 500 euro
  • Rate 1: 1500 euro
  • Rate 2: 1500 euro
  • Residual value: 1500 euro

Learn more from the ABERDEEN ANGUS LEASING PROGRAM presentation catalog.


The Karpaten Meat Group is specialized in growing, selection and marketing of Aberdeen Angus cattle with international genetics. Both for their own farm and for their partners, Karpaten Meat selects and imports the best specimens from a genetic point of view, thus managing to hold one of the best genetic selections. The bulls on this farm are bulls that have won world contests, being rated with maximum ratings and appreciated for their breeding qualities. In addition to the sale of Angus breeding cattle, the company offers integrated farm solutions and a range of services and even advice in creating an Angus cattle business or in strengthening the existing business.

Find out all the details about the available partnership programs on the Karpaten Meat Group farm by contacting us either at info@karpaten-meat.com or by phone at 0269/232 977.