Since the beginning of the year, over 350 visitors have reached the Karpaten Meat Group farm, there were 7 groups, both from the country and from Europe. The groups went on the Marpod farm tour, they learned about our work, the way it works and about the practices of an effective management that we have successfully put into practice.


Young farmers or already experienced farmers in cattle business came from all over the country at Karpaten Meat farm. Partner farmers have visited us to discuss the major challenges this sector faces and also to establish strategies and develop these partnerships to further Angus production system. The large number of attendees shows that there are united farmers with a common goal who want to further develop this business as well as business relationships, thus contributing to a strong sectoral development.


In addition to the Romanian farmers from all over the country, the Angus cattle farm from Marpod hosted groups of students and teachers from Denmark (Agricultural Sciences University) and from Switzerland (Agricultural Sciences University). They were very interested in the Karpaten Meat Group business, as well in the management of the Angus breed, most of them from families with experience in animal husbandry. Several of them have shown a particular interest in the management of these animals, their health and resilience, the influence of environmental factors on their development, as well as the treatments applied to their desire to become vets after graduation. Retired farmers with experience in animal husbandry have also been present on the Karpaten Meat farm since the beginning of the year. Having their own farms in Austria or France, they were directly interested in the business model developed by Karpaten Meat Group at national level, the subsidies offered to this breed, the obtaining of the necessary pastures for the establishment, development and increase of the flock of an Angus breed and information on beef processing and subsequent marketing, both nationally and externally.


Even if they came to us for various reasons and in different areas, they were all impressed with the organization of Karpaten Meat Group and the way Angus cattle are raised on our pastures. From the beginning of our activity so far, our visitors have been interested in setting up a business in this field and they are willing to become partners, farmers with already years of experience who wanted to understand the management of a farm with Angus cattle, passionate animal husbandry, gastronomy, local products, representatives of various institutions, groups of tourists, students, or trainees in practice.


Based on a schedule, we reserve for those interested in this business a visit to the farm at info@karpaten-meat.com or 0269232977.