Karpaten Meat supports a digitally intelligent future by sponsoring robotics and programming education for pupils in Sibiu

We believe in the benefits of a smart and sustainable digital future for Romanian agriculture, which will use innovative technology to meet the challenges in the sector. We are a promoter of technology and we apply digitization in many sectors of our activity. Research and innovation are needed to develop new solutions, and robotics is an area of utmost importance, so we feel we must support the development of future generations in this direction.


Karpaten Meat Group has sponsored the Știintesescu Hub association for participation in international robotics competitions for children, such as FIRST® LEGO® League. Through their projects, the children have tried to build together a better world, according to the theme of the competition, and the results obtained are worthy of appreciation.


Since last year, Ţiinteescu Hub came to the fore in national and international robotics competitions. Last year at the national First Lego League competition the children won the 5th place and the special prize for the best programming, and this year at the same competition they obtained the 4th place in robotics and the prize for the rising star.


Through the robotics and programming courses, Știintesescu Hub shows the little ones how easy it is to create their robot (their toy) that executes the drives children want to be performed. A visual programming language based on suggestive images is used. The beginner level develops thinking, motor skills, attention, learning from one’s own mistakes, understanding the mechanism of operation of various objects and introducing them into programming (using simple basic commands). By preparing for these competitions, children will learn technical skills, develop critical thinking, logic, dexterity, learn programming skills and understand more easily how certain objects work.