One of the most important steps in a successful Angus Cattle Farm, the one that ensures success or shortens for the life of a business, is the farms management. It covers all the developing areas and it stands as ground for all the development decisions. From the breeds characteristics and needs to genetics, from cattle care to feeding and breeding, it has a great impact. It refers to technical equipment on the ground but also to the information system for the management of the herd.


A good and fair management of the farm requires efficiency in each business plan and each individual step, always having the quality conditions and the requirements of the breed in mind. In the case of Angus cattle, due to the easy adaptability of the breed, the maintenance cost of the herd is low, with minimal investments. Here are the main recommendations for the Angus herd management.


For our partners, that we stand by, we recommend the same technical facilities that we use. These are tested over time and have proven to be appropriate for increasing farm profitability, along  all the benefits that a top genetic brings.


By respecting and managing them properly, any farm will benefit from an organized work system that can be sustained for a long time and can be easily developed.