Ten years passed since the first Angus cattle specimens appeared on Romanian pastures, Angus cattle are a growing perspective. Many of the farmers, who only have worked a few years on the milk production side have turned their business to an Aberdeen ANGUS cattle business, which offers the best conditions for beef production.


Beef cattle are a good alternative to milk production, a future perspective, growing due to a large deficit on the European market in this sector and due to the constant increase in its price, existing unexplored resources and because the economic management. Romania has a lot of unused pasture areas that are well suited to beef breeds, even in mountainous areas with favorable geo-climatic conditions for this breed. The technology of raising beef cattle is simple, with lower costs, than with milk cows, because extensive farming reduces the effort of animal care with easy management. The production of feed for beef cattle, that grow on pasture, reduces the dependence on the forage market. Beef production is a sustainable business with the goal of producing 1 calf per year.


By crossing ANGUS and Romanian bull produces a medium-sized calf, but with superior qualities and high growth performance, with a daily average, with an increase in breastfeeding and grass on the pasture, with high resistance to extreme temperatures. This calf is easy to digest and has a high yield at slaughter, ideal for growing extensively outside the pasture, with a high capacity for harvesting. In the extensive cow-calf nursing system, both, cows and calves are raised on pasture, the feeding mass being largely grass. Mother cows are not milk, milk is only used as feed for calves. Weaning of calves is done at the earliest 6 months.


ANGUS crossbreeding program and Romanian Spotted

Karpaten Meat offers for sale breeding bulls or semen from ANGUS bulls with superior genetics and by contract guarantees the redemption of calves resulting from crossbreeding ANGUS x Romanian breed. For details about this new opportunity, you can contact us by e-mail at info@karpaten-meat.com or by phone at 0269/232 977.