The warm season is an opportunity for Angus cattle breeders to organize farms, as optimal management is required to develop a successful business.



The most important step in this direction was the volumetric increase in order to ensure a better system. This has been achieved by developing the infrastructure in all units within the farm as well as by streamlining the acquisition process and the workflow, thus achieving better management.



All these improvements brought to our farm have as main purpose the consolidation of the purchase system as well as the partnership program, thus building a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners. In addition, a good organization of partner farmers (up-to-date animal documentation, treatments, animal selection …) will bring maximum efficiency to the process.



The partnership program that the Karpaten Meat Group has been successfully running for more than 10 years is at the heart of its development, thus managing to anticipate and meet the partners’ development requirements, and along with them to continue developring the zootechnical  sector in the country.