Our Angus system relies on collaboration with partner farms. Within the partnership program, Karpaten Meat buys Angus calves, according to the buy-back clause in the framework contract.



Over the past 10 years, partner farmers have enjoyed the promise of the Karpaten Meat Group to buy calves produced according to contract terms and conditions, thus having an assured outlet.



We are pleased that we have been able to help our partners already since the beginning of the year by purchasing more animals than last year, thus reducing the farmers’ expenses on maintenance of the new born calves.


During this period, Karpaten Meat Group is preparing for new purchases of calves in order to assimilate an increasing number of animals compared to last year.


Angus Calves Buy-Back Conditions:

  1. Calves raised by suckler cow and free-range grazing until weaning
  2. Weaning happens not earlier than 6 months
  3. Minimal weight at buy-back time is 200 kg and maximum 400 kg
  4. Prices offered vary according to calf quality. . You can find the categories according to the quality of the calf by visiting this link: clase de calitate
  5. Prices offered vary according to calf weight. The calf is weighed on the Karpaten Meat farm on certified scales in the presence of a partner’s representative.
  6. According to time of the year and established routes we can support transportation for calves groups larger than 20 heads
  7. Calves castration brings additional financial benefit to the customer.


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