The Angus loan continues and offers benefits to cattle farmers

If you intend to develop an Angus cattle business, but do not have full financial resources, do not hesitate to contact our Agricover partners who can support your existing business on the one hand by financing for investments and on the other by ensuring the production cycle, but also for the setup of a new farm.


The Angus loan created by Agricover is aimed for farmers in all areas of the country interested in developing a Angus cattle business and operating under the umbrella of a commercial company (individuals are unable to receive this form of credit). Regardless of the size of the farm (small, medium or large), our priority is to identify the best option for each particular case, taking into account the financial implications (made in the most efficient way, together with Agricover consultants), but also the development capacity of an efficient and profitable management alongside Karpaten Meat Group.


This credit support is dedicated exclusively to the purchase of Angus cattle under the Karpaten Meat partnership programs. Since the start of our farm, one of the main objectives has been the support for Angus cattle breeders. For this reason we have developed over the years various programs dedicated to the Karpaten Meat Group partners, which offer opportunities for development and safety in a fluctuating market.


Find out all the details about the Agricover financing program by contacting us either at the e-mail address  or by phone at 0269/232 977.