The benefits of the Karpaten Meat partnership program and the support of cattle farmers

Throughout our activity we have developed various ways to support farmers who are looking for a reliable development environment with quality products, and so animal husbandry entrepreneurs turn to our services. Even in these difficult times when it is difficult to make a long-term development plan or predict market developments, Karpaten Meat is still with its partners and supports them, both in terms of business development advice and concretely by ensuring a market.


We still believe in a profitable future for this business and stand by our partners, both by providing quality Aberdeen Angus genetics and by ensuring a market. As in any type of business, in the management of a farm, the course of actions is dictated by the multiple requirements and needs of the market, and its evolution requires flexibility.


The selections continue in the Karpaten Meat farm, in addition, we offer advice to those who want to set up an Angus cattle farm and technical/logistical support during their expansion. The most important thing, however, is that we offer farmers a contractual guarantee to ensure a market for their products. Every year since we developed this project, it has reduced the investment risks of the partners and generated a cost amortization, an effect that we expect in the future as well, by continuing the purchase of calves, according to the contractual criteria.


We, therefore, continue to encourage and support Romanian farmers interested in developing an Angus cattle business.


Find out how the Karpaten Meat partnership program works and what its benefits are. To become our partner or to benefit from the support of the Karpaten Meat Group team, contact us at  or by phone at 0269/232 977.