In July, a new offer is available at Karpaten Meat Group for farmers wishing to buy semen from Aberdeen Angus bulls. By the end of the month, any 8-line order is completed for 2 more free!


In order to improve cattle breeds and achieve superior calves, Karpaten Meat farm has carefully selected semen from worldwide recognized bulls.  The bulls from which the semen comes, have shown good results, that were recognized at European level.

Two of these are DONAUMOOS LORD BOYFRIEND K883 and DONAUMOOS KING ROSSITER G182, both of them with high genetic potential. Below are the specific characteristics of each bull, which will be passed on to their products and will contribute to the development of the farm according to its objectives.



  • For calve ease, the quality of the beef and the quality of the carcass. The semen from this bull is recommended to farmers who want few products but wish very easy to produce superior carcass characteristics.
  • Both the father and mother of the bull are part of the Te Mania Australia stars.
  • Te Manus Angus currently has five of the top ten specimens listed in the Angus Intramuscular Fat (MMF) breed.



  • Recommended for breeding, for farmers wishing to develop their own farms.
  • The genetic material of this bull brings benefits to both, calves ease to the first generation of products, but also to the second generation.
  • Mother females with inherited genetics from them have a high milk volume, which translates into a high average daily increase in calves.


The EBV Percentage Chart allows you to accurately assess how current estimates of breeding values are carried out, as well as the evaluation of each characteristic compared to the animals that were evaluated in this genetic evaluation.


Until the end of July, buy 8 doses and get 2 more free!


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