Angus beef from Angus Group, awarded at World’s Best Steak Challenge 2018

On Wednesday 4th July at The Magic Roundabout London, Angus beef produced by our partner, Angus Group, took part in the World’s Best Steak Challenge 2018, through the participation of some of the farms partners.


According to today’s publication by Angus Group, entries were collected from 22 countries, with steaks from 35 different breeds including cross breeds and pure breeds, making the challenge truly demanding and complex. The winners were announced before an audience of more than 200 invited guests, after an intensive day of blind judging by expert judges and a consumer panel.


In this context, not one, not two, but three farms that work in close partnership with Angus Group, were awarded this year for the beefs quality. ”We are very proud and pleased to see that the results of our intense work in the field, are consistent. Along the way Angus Group has supported its partners each step of the way, offering a complete system for breeding, fattening and trading of Angus cattle. We are thus confident that in the following years, the support that we assure for our partners will bring them more and more positive impact and awards”, says the German group on this occasion.


The rating system for all steaks that entered the competition was build after the internationally agreed criteria, following a strict set of rules that include raw criteria and cooked criteria. The judging panel formed of top butchers, food journalists, industry experts and meat scientists appreciated the Angus rib-eye with a World’s Best Steak/Producer 2018 award, a gold medal, a silver medal (all for two different partners in Germany), two bronze medals for the fillet and for rib-eye (for a Romanian producer).


The World Steak Challenge is designed to benchmark the quality of beef production against other international competitors and establish a quality mark that everyone can trust. It also provides an opportunity to engage with consumers to celebrate the joy and benefits of eating steak as part of a healthy balanced diet and highlight the quality and standards of steak production around the globe.


“You have all done a great job getting beef in the spotlight. Winning an award is the crown on the work of many in this industry that produce fantastic products on a daily basis and will never get any credit for doing so” – JZ and Bergon


Here is a great example that investing in good genetics and paying special attention to ensure continuity in passing on performance will bring great results. Also here is hope that in the future years to come, this sector will be more and more developed, Angus beef from Europe becoming worldwide known for its top quality.