In the Karpaten Meat Group, during the autumn period, the volume of purchases of calves increases, as partner farmers sell the produced calves on the basis of the partnership program.



Throughout our business, we have developed various ways to support farmers looking for a reliable environment with quality products for their development, and thus they are heading for our services.



We provided advice to those who wanted to set up an Angus cattle farm and technical / logistic support during their expansion. Most importantly, however, we have given our farmers a contractual guarantee to insure a product market. This project has lowered our partners’ investment risks and helped them save cost.  We expect the same result in the future by continuing to purchase calves according to the contractual criteria.



Starting this month, our farm is ready to pick up calves from partner farmers who want to reduce the herd before winter. In this sense, the estimation of the transaction value will be determined at your farms by the representatives of the Karpaten Meat Group, and then the logistics details will be established.



For details on this new opportunity, you can contact us at or by phone at 0269/232 977.