Last week at Marpod Gymnasium School took place the second meeting of the series of Nutrition and Healthy Life Workshops for 8-11 year olds children, within Healthy Hearts Caravan on the Hârtibaci Valley.



Because we believe that healthy nutrition education starts from childhood, we stand by our partners, the Polisano Foundation,  in this endeavour and we help them educate pupils towards the development of healthy habits.



Within this workshop created for children, we took part in the presentation of prof. Mihai Zerbes from Lucian Blaga University from Sibiu, where all pupils of 1-4 grades  participated in a calss about good nutrition rules. They learned what foods to eat at breakfast, lunch or evening, which are the most appropriate combinations of ingredients, what is the recommended amount of salt or sugar and what are the effects of any excess in nutrition.



Children were very receptive to nutrition health information and  contributed actively to the workshop with examples and questions.


Respecting the main nutrition rules leads to a harmonious body development, giving it energy and power. We believe that open and constant discussions with children on nutrition can contribute to their education and health and provide them with an example of nutritional balance that is often neglected (often in rural areas lacking resources).