On Friday, 25.10.2019 took place the inauguration of the “Aberdeen Angus” breeding farm, the first in Eastern Europe held by an association leading the genealogical register.


About 700 participants, among them farmers with experience in the field and officials (representatives of APIA, ANZ, ministry, town hall, CJ, etc.) were present on this occasion at the “Aberdeen Angus Farm” in Mureș County.


Following the official opening of the farm, 18 Angus bulls were presented in the ring and then taken over by this testing centre to evaluate their genetic potential, and then be directed to reproduction (either for mounting or for semen sampling).


The aim of this ambitious project coordinated by AAARO is to increase the genetic value of breeding cattle in our country and to improve the characteristics of the breed present on the territory of the country, in order to obtain and maintain higher-quality results (both for breeding and beef production).


Always keeping this goal in our actions Karpaten Meat Group stood on this occasion as well by the association, supporting the team in organizing and sponsoring the event.


The day ended with discussions about future actions and possibilities of development of this sector, being approached topics about genetics, farm management technical equipment, until the closing of the production chain in the country.