The advantages of Romanian farmers are primarily the natural resources that this country owns.


Certain this breed is well suited for extensive grassland farming, for the mother-calf system so that the calf remains at the mother until the age of 8-10 months and only after this period it is weaned.


In this period the cattle are kept out on the pasture, feeding them with pasture grass and mother’s milk without other supplements, reducing dependence on the forage market.


Another advantage for Romanian farmers is represented by the opportunities in a market that still has growth his potential but now also has various support programs for Aberdeen Angus farms. If 10 years ago this type of business was just beginning in Romania and the possibilities were limited, now the Angus breed proved its high adaptability to environmental conditions and the high degree of financial profitability due to efficient management.


A successful business with Angus cattle starts from top genetics and throughout the whole production process, through all stages – from cattle care, to feeding and growing, to technical equipment on the field. Angus cattle farms have now all the necessary levers to purchase valuable specimens (through programs such as Agricover or the reservation of pregnant heifers), but especially focusing on improving the breed in their flocks and using various programs in the market (leasing bulls program) to gradually increase the efficiency of the owned business.


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