The fifth edition of the World Steak Challenge 2019 is coming in fast. This contest is designed to compare the quality of beef production between international competitors and establish a quality level that everyone can trust.



This year there has been a record number of participants from 24 countries in this international competition, and the beef pieces come from both purebred and half-bred cattle.



This annual competition reflects current trends and best practices in global beef production. The scoring system has been built on strict international criteria that include criteria for appreciating raw beef and cooked beef. The medals will be awarded for various pieces of steak (rib eye, tenderloin, sirloin), and one of the winners of each category will be designated as the best steak in the world, in 2019.



The jury brings together beef producers, butchers, restaurant owners and chefs around the world. More than 30 experts have accepted the challenge to be member of the jury this year. For the first time, Ioannis Grammenos will be presented as vice president of the jury. Ioannis is the first meatologist in the world and runs the meatology school at Heliot Steak House in London.



The World Steak Challenge is one of the most important contests for beef. It was launched in 2015 to provide a world-class quality brand, to support the production of world-class steaks and to promote consumers quality beef as a good choice for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It provides manufacturers with a unique platform for product quality assessment, breeds accreditation and international standards.



„For some people, this is an opportunity to distinguish themselves as the world’s best beef producer„, set Richie Wilson forth.



The event will take place on 9 and 10 July in Dublin. The contest will take place in the first days and the award ceremony is on July 10th in the Mansion House’s Roundhouse.



Among the 2018 prizes were a gold medal and a silver medal for two Angus pieces of rib eye coming from two German farms and two bronze medals for tenderloin and rib eye from a Romanian producer. The same Romanian Angus beef producer will take part in World Steak Challenge 2019 edition as well.