The spring-summer period is the most beneficial for an Angus farm, this breed taking advantage of the pasture grass very well. Although Angus cattle are very easy to handle, due to extensive breeding system, an Angus farm requires a minimum of facilities and preparations depending on the season.


Grazing is carried out on fenced plots with an electric fence  to secure the perimeter of each herd and protect the animals. Depending on the diversity of natural elements on each perimeter, farmers must create shade conditions and access to water for animals.


In case there are no watering spots on the pasture, there are facilities for watering the cattle. In areas where possible, one-ball or two-balls water tanks can also be installed. These tanks can withstand up to -30 degrees C and can be left outdoors during winter.


It is known that Angus cattle resist without problems at temperatures between + 40 ° C and -40 ° C. However, for shelter it is recommended to install a protection (natural or artificial) against the sun and the wind. On the pasture, open, simple shading can be built from various materials, or shady areas such as a wood side can be created planting trees / shrubs / etc.


A sound and fair management of a farm requires the efficiency of each point in the business plan, always respecting the quality conditions and the requirements of the breed. By respecting and managing them properly, any farm will benefit from an organised work system that can be sustained for a long time and easier to develop.