For three days (November 22-24) Piata Mică from Sibiu hosted within the program Sibiu Gastronomic Region 2019, the event Winter Tastes. During the event, international masters in the art of barbecue prepared incendiary demonstrations and delicious dishes, but the show of the evening was offered by the world king of STEAKS, Chef Robert Rainford. Thus, the lovers of barbecue dishes and gastronomy enthusiasts had meetings with notorious guests from Romania and abroad.


The highlight of the event was the culinary show featuring Angus Premium Beef. The event was hosted by Chef Robert Rainford, King of the World Grill, master in culinary arts, speciality writer and professor at George Brown College in Toronto – Canada. He as an expert chef held an absolutely extraordinary culinary show on Sunday evening and showed us what it means to be a true grill master. He cooked Angus Roastbeef cuts on the grill: bone-in-rib-eye, t-bone, sirloin and tenderloin. We were particularly pleased to see how much those present at the event enjoyed the Premium Angus beef they had the opportunity to taste as steaks prepared by Chef Robert Rainford. The public especially appreciated this beef which is produced and processed entirely in our country and has already established itself on the Romanian market as a delicacy, thus their appreciation contributing to the development of the Romanian gastronomic culture regarding high-quality beef.


The appreciation came also from an international beef referee accredited by the Kansas City Barbeque Society of the United States, Mrs Petra Rebenstorf, who tasted our Angus beef and was pleasantly impressed by its quality. Thus we have once again enjoyed the success of the beef from Romania, appreciated as a premium product, unique, with a perfect taste, fully produced in our country.


In the context of the culinary year that ended, the events in the Transylvania region focused on local products that became ambassadors of the area for one year and gain much more attention from the public to the detriment of the poor-quality products, brought from abroad. So we celebrate, on the one hand, the success of the Angus beef from Transylvania, which has become increasingly popular with Angus beef experts from all over the world, and on the other hand, through such events, we  greet the occasion for gourmets and beef lovers to have the opportunity to taste local, healthy, natural and tasty products, such as Angus Premium beef!