2019 visits to the Karpaten Meat Group farms

As always, our gates are open to those who want to better understand the operation of this business and to follow step by step the process “from grass to beef”. Proof of the increased interest comes also the high number of visits received, both from the country and from abroad.


Visits from countries such as Switzerland, USA, Germany or Austria took place at our farms on the Hârtibaci Valley, from renowned farmers to young people interested in starting and developing such a business.


Given the importance of Sibiu as European gastronomical region 2019, we welcomed as our guests a series of official representatives of local institutions, of the European gastronomical program from the countries where it has been implemented so far and where it will be implemented in the future.


Let us not forget the students who are passionate about animal husbandry or agriculture, who have enjoyed an authentic experience in the field in which they wish to develop; on the occasion of these visits, they met professionals from whom they found out what work in animal husbandry entails and what are its opportunities.

Here are some of these visits to the Karpaten Meat Group farm.